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When you are looking for the certain something that is going to make you stand out from your competitors, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.


Tradeshows can provide big opportunity for many of our clients to make a big splash and garner a lot of attention for their products or services. We have a vast amount of experience in scouting and locating relevant tradeshows for our clients to take part in, as well as, the materials that can make them stand out to the attendees. TradeshowsWe can take care of everything from the signage to the give-away items, to the tradeshow raffle item, to the tradeshow special brochure and more. Since the world of tradeshows are unique from traditional marketing the approach and materials should be unique as well, and The Robbins Group understands that.

In a tradeshow setting, you often have less than 10 seconds to grab someone’s attention and get them to stop and talk to you, so you better be sure that you have material that is attention grabbing and effectively communicates your message. You rarely get a second chance at a tradeshow so you better make the most of the chances you do get by having the absolute best material and best strategy you can. The Robbins Group can help you with both.

Specialty Items

TradeshowsThe Robbins Group can supply your tradeshow specialty items as well as your any time of year specialty items. We work closely with embroidery specialists to provide top quality shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, caps, blankets, etc. for our clients, We have affiliates who provide us with the best in pens, pads of paper, padfolios, stress balls, candy, bottle openers, high-end client gifts, holiday cards, etc. Whatever you need The Robbins Group can provide it for you.

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