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Our aim is to find those previously unmined markets that enable our clients’ businesses to grow.

Business StrategyWe offer in-depth market strategies that not only examine the client’s business, but their competitors’ as well. We evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each and then do a deep dive into the marketplace to find that low hanging fruit that can effect change quickly.

We begin by studying the client’s business from a branding, messaging, delivery and customer/client base standpoint to determine a baseline. Then we look for areas of improvement. Then we look for new markets. As a result each market strategy is 100% customized to the client.

Our objective is to layout a roadmap of a realistic marketing budget and targeted growth. We want to partner with our clients throughout the implementation process so we can adapt to the current market condition and update the strategy as needed. We view the entire process as a partnership between ourselves and the client working together toward a common goal, that being increased revenues for the client.


We begin the Marketing Strategy process by asking a lot of questions and learning as much as we can about our client’s business and objectives.

  • Establish a Baseline for Company, Product and Service
  • What is the current state of the business and or product
  • Where can the business go
  • Evaluate branding, messaging and delivery
  • Review Marketing Materials, Web, Print, etc.
  • Competitive Analysis Review
  • Partnering opportunity
  • Set Goals
  • Build on to the competitive advantages
  • Open new or underserved markets
  • Build and maintain a roadmap for the business
  • Identify short, mid and long term steps for success and value add
  • Find ways to support or improve market credibility
  • Execution
  • Budgeting and Resources
  • Execution Support and Review

We offer strategies in 18, 24 or 36 month increments.

Below is a strategy process flow chart.

  • Meet 1
  • Discuss 2
  • Create Strategy 3
  • Select Creative Team 4
  • Present Strategy 5
  • Begin Implementation 6
  • Ongoing Adaptation 7

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