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Public Relations

In the world of PR it is still very much who you know and more importantly, who knows you.

It is for that reason that The Robbins Group works closely with more than 12 different PR professionals in a variety of different fields. We do this so we have the best chance of getting our Press Releases picked up by the News Feeds, local and regional press, and other media outlets. Public RelationsFor example, if we need a press release relating to the housing market picked up, we have someone who has been prominent in that industry for the past twenty years write and submit that press release. If we need a release relating to the insurance industry released, then we use a PR professional who has worked for more than a decade in the insurance industry to write and submit the release. These are ways in which we increase the odds of our releases getting picked up.

In addition to our Press Release services, we also offer Interview/Story pitching services to radio/TV/Print Media. For our clients, we provide interview training for those clients who are unfamiliar with some of the pitfalls that can arise when being interviewed, particularly live, on-air. We look for interesting ways to present our clients to the media to make them want to find out more about them and what they have to offer.


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