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About Gail

“I don’t tell my clients want they want to hear; I tell them what they need to hear.”

At the head of The Robbins Group is Gail Gosnell, who has more than 30 years of marketing experience. Gail’s expertise has been developed and honed by working with clients Gail Gosnellin both business to business and business to consumer environments. As a serial entrepreneur, Gail understands the mindset and the drive of a start-up business owner. As a successful business-owner herself, Gail understands the demands and challenges a business owner faces. She is more than ten years into a business that has had to change and alter course a few times to meet the demands of an ever changing marketplace. Having worked for large companies such as Arthur Andersen and Delta Dental Plan, Gail understands the policies and procedures of moving through a large organization to adopt a new course of action or merely to add additional source material. It’s fair to say, that with Ms. Gosnell’s varied background, she can relate to just about any business situation and can help you and your company through it by creating fresh marketing concepts to attract new business.

As the driving force behind The Robbins Group, Gail designs all strategies, concepts and oversees the implementation of each component of each project. As a writer, Gail provides all written content for each client. By focusing on the client’s voice she is able to “speak” for each client individually. Gail has provided marketing service for a variety of industries including: Retail, Restaurants, Financial, Real Estate, Medical, Non-profits, Professional Services, Technical Consultants, Architects and Construction to name a few.

Perhaps what clients value most about Gail, is her no-nonsense approach to marketing. Gail will always tell her clients her honest opinion. In fact, she prides herself on always being honest with her clients, even if it might ruffle some feathers from time to time. She believes this approach not only saves the client time and money, it also builds trust and communication much more quickly, resulting in marketing materials that are truly reflective of the clients’ goals.

Gail divides her time between The Robbins Group and The Robbins Nest (an art studio where she creates fused glass art as well as other art projects), and leadership roles in various charities, networking organizations and professional associations. She is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Lake Forest College. In her spare time she enjoys cooking, creating glass art, horseback riding, reading, travel and playing cello.

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